Your Multigenerational Super App

Multigenerational Super App to celebrate and engage with those closest to you.

Release to the public April 16th, 2024

Your Multigenerational Super App

Multigenerational Super App to celebrate and engage with those closest to you

WILLpay features

WILLPORT's mission is to educate, empower, and connect all generations and backgrounds by uniting their financial journeys with the most important moments of life... whether in WILLPORT PRESENTlife and AFTERlife, all in the palm of your hand


Multi-generational money movement: An everyday payment platform for sending and receiving money to family and friends through a digital wallet.

  • Flexible Payments: One-time or recurring payments
  • Personal Voice Messaging: Add meaning to any gift or transaction
  • Enhanced Limits: Send up to $3,000 per day.
International and Inheritance

Global transfers let you safely send and receive money internationally to over 75+ countries. Schedule and add a voice message to your payment.

The AFTERlife and Deployment Trust Platform allows for the electronic and gradual disbursements of cash, inheritance proceeds, retirement plans, and life insurance proceeds directly to Beneficiaries. Inheritance and legacy messages or videos are sent to the beneficiary's WILLPORT App.

AI Greeting Cards

Take creativity a step further with the transformative power of our Image Generation tool.

  • Make your own greeting art
  • Add your own personal voice messaging

Financial Center


Start investing with our user-friendly micro-investment platform. We offer turnkey wealth-building with no investment minimums. Gain easy access to T-bills and a full range of money markets with the backing of the US government. We open up sophisticated investing to regular people.

Find a Wealth Advisor

Find a Wealth Advisor to assist you with your financial planning. Seamlessly Connect to Trusted Fiduciaries • RIA.CFP, CFA & Advisors. Find an advisor that fits your circumstances and build a trusted relationship while creating your wealth-building plan.

The WILLPORT Market Place transforms your electronic gifting.

Gifting Solutions
WILLPORT aims to ensure you stay connected with the important people in your life with quickly scheduled personal gifting options.
Group Gifting
Send e-greetings and trackable e-gift cards to friends and family. Select or schedule a single e-gift card and batch-send it to 8 individuals closest to you.
E-gift cards
250+ trackable electronic gift cards for every occasion. Create from your gallery, featured artist, or AI for a same-day or future delivery. Add a voice message.
Arrangements are available for delivery anywhere in the US for any occasion.

Experience Packages
Gift a unique experience like spa packages, whitewater rafting, or a winery tour for lasting memories in the US and Canada.
Add a personal message with writing, recording, or video and schedule the delivery.

Schedule Now, Pay Later
Schedule gifts up to 14 months in advance and pay 7 days before delivery. A notification is sent out a day before payment is due, allowing you the opportunity to cancel any scheduled gift.
Access a private calendar with your important dates, such as birthdays, anniversaries, and graduations, along with a gifting recap of what is scheduled or delivered.

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Release to the public April 16th, 2024

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