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A deployment App with money and gift scheduling just a few taps away. Five Apps in one.

Easy to manage all your money and gifting

The application reminds you of birthdays, anniversaries and all your other special days.
Choose from a wide selection of flowers, e-gift cards (like REI, XBox) and experience gifts (i.e. golfing, kayaking) and events.
Upload a photo from your gallery and add your voice or select a cover from one of our featured artists or photographers to send to your loved ones.
  • Instant payments via the Wallet-to-Wallet option or standard ACH bank transfers
  • Send money to WILLPORT and non-WILLPORT users
  • Schedule one time or recurring payments
  • Include a typed or personal voice message
  • Transfer up to $3,000 a day
  • All customers are verified

Application Features

Streamline personalized money and gifting to family and friends.


Import and synchronize your contacts to send gifts privately and securely.


Set reminders or schedule gift deliveries. Add occasions for birthdays, anniversaries and other special dates for your family and friends.


View and customize from our gift recommendations. Delivery guaranteed.

Floral Bouquets

Who doesn’t love flowers? Choose from a wide selection and include a personal message.

Experience Packages

Make lasting memories by gifting a unique experience like spa package, whitewater rafting, or Napa vinery tour.

e-Gift Cards

Easily purchase electronic gift cards from 225+ brands and receive a tracking notification when the recipient claims the gift.

e-Greeting Cards

Upload an image from your gallery or from one of our featured artists and photographers. Add a voice message to your card.

Video Gifts

Record a video message for your family & friends. Share with them to make it a special day.


Easily send and receive money to your friends and family.

WILLPORTtrust - Coming in 2023

Be Your Own Micro-Estate Manager.

WILLPORTtrust is an Estate Planning Trust that will allow an individual to set up their Trust on-line. The Trust will deploy, over many years, inheritance money and life insurance proceeds with attached voice messages, video and gifting directly and electronically to your beneficiaries via the WILLPORT APP.

Blockchain Vouchers

Available through your Wealth Advisors

Investment Gift Voucher
  • Beneficiary owns the account
  • The minimum investment gift is set by the RIA (Institution)
  • 18-month requested term with Wealth Advisor
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Investment Coaching Voucher
  • Benefactor owns the account with Beneficiary trading authorization
  • No Maximum Gift
  • 18-month requested term with Wealth Advisor
Learn More
AFTERLife Inheritance Voucher
  • Flows from a Trust with Benefactor instructions to Beneficiary
  • No Maximum Gift
  • 18-month requested term with Wealth Advisor
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Voucher Overview

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