Vouchers Details
Investment Gift Voucher

Gives the beneficiary ownership of an investment account as a gift, but there is one caveat – the beneficiary is required to work with a Wealth Advisor to receive investment guidance for a minimum period of 18 months.

Investment Coaching Voucher

The benefactor retains ownership of the account, at least initially, while the beneficiary is given trading authority and coaching. The beneficiary receives the benefit of learning about the value of the Investment and developing a relationship with the Wealth Advisor while guaranteeing time prior to gaining full control of the funds.

AFTERLife Inheritance Voucher (releasing in 2023)

This allows the inheritance to flow from a trust, based on benefactor instructions, directly to the beneficiary with the stipulation that the inheritance stay with the wealth manager for a period of at least18 months. It streamlines the process, allowing the Wealth Advisor to build a relationship with the beneficiary and for the beneficiary not to be overwhelmed with what to do with immediate inheritance.

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    Vouchers will be available after December, 2023 from a Wealth Advisor near you. If you are interested in a future announcements, please send us your name and email to [email protected]


    Disclaimer: WILLPORTtrust is not a financial planner, investment adviser, broker-dealer or tax advisor. Neither the provision of the Investment Gift Voucher or the Investment Coaching Voucher are intended to be legal, tax or financial advice by WILLPORTtrust. The vouchers are provided as a convenience for wealth advisors and benefactors to encourage relationships with beneficiaries and are not intended to be used to replace any other decisioning method or tool that you use and should not be used to provided financial services to third parties, such as clients or customers. Before making any final decisions or implementing any financial strategy, investors should consider obtaining additional information and advice from their accountant or other financial advisers who are fully aware of their individual circumstances. The redemption of all vouchers are subject to the engagement of the wealth advisor and their separate advisory fees.For more information, contact [email protected].